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5 Lady Dutch Spring 2014

Now appeal: Montreal’s Lady Dutch apparel

There’s no word more powerful in the fashion lexicon than “now.” New, of-the-moment trends are the bread and butter of even the … Read more

1 Caitlin Power

Beyond the boardroom with Cailtin Power

Caitlin Power Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook From the young go-getter to the seasoned professional, Toronto-based womenswear designer Caitlin Power is kicking both Canadian … Read more

Jennifer torosian banner

Poised for power with Jennifer Torosian

If everyone brought the same elan to their workday that Jennifer Torosian brings to professional wear, the office would be a far … Read more


Just dresses with designer womenswear label Julia Jordan

With specialization comes excellence. So it’s no wonder that, in an industry where fashion brands try to be so much to so … Read more