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Gaya handbags: bold and beautiful

Don’t let the hype fool you. Yes, Vancouver has its fair share of crunchy-granola types and Birkenstock fans (not that there’s anything … Read more


Winter in the city with CMFR

    When many people think of winter in Canada, they imagine snow-capped mountains, remote log cabins, and the untouched beauty of … Read more

Conquering Canadian winter with Nobis

If you’ve never been to Canada, you probably don’t know winter. Not real winter, anyhow. So when it comes to snow, sleet, … Read more

the volts preview

Magical musings from Montreal’s La Fée Verte

It’s no mistake that Montreal-based women’s label La Fée Verte shares its name with that bewitching muse of artists, “the green fairy” … Read more