French kiss

GlobLove's intimates have that je ne sais quoi

As one of France’s earliest settlements in North America, it’s no surprise that so much of Montreal’s beauty and charm feels distinctly Parisian.

And though Montreal has since developed a strong and unique culture of its own, those hints of French finery remain – in the narrow, cobblestone streets of its Old Port, in the outdoor terrasses of its European-style cafés, and in its world-renowned fashion.


Lingerie is by no means an exception, and it’s in Montreal that a woman may find the most exquisite and delicate bedroom wear this side of the ocean.

With a coquettishness worthy of the Moulin Rouge, GlobLove is one such Montreal maker of finery so sumptuous and ornate that it is impossible to miss its French influences, right down to the polka-dot stockings, ruffled knickers and lacy, bow-adorned two-piece sets.

Dramatic and theatrical, yet dainty and delicate, GlobLove’s lingerie is a vision of flirty sensuality straight out of the 19th Century – an era when a glimpse of stocking, a flash of garter, or a peek at ruffled petticoats was the acme of feminine seductiveness.


It was the height of Burlesque in Europe and America, a period when the feminine mystique was actually dictated by women, when gentlemen were spellbound by the shows at Paris’ legendary Folies Bergère, when presentation, anticipation and imagination meant something.

Alas, nowadays, the lingerie market is saturated with push-ups and click-bras that technologize your cleavage. You can buy seamless girdles to instantly achieve a flawless silhouette. And though it can be argued that women now have a wider arsenal of undergarments from which to choose, there is a cold and clinical aspect to so many of the new innovations.


For any woman who prefers to dazzle as the mistress of a boudoir rather than assume the role of booth babe, the intimacy of a caringly crafted and delicate piece beats an assembled undergarment with moving parts any day. The softness of silk against, a peek-a-boo of skin, a playful strap or flirty bow, these are the things a woman wants in her most intimate apparel, not structured beige tummy-control panels or the confining boning of a corset.

Looking good is just one tiny part of why a woman wears lingerie; so much of a woman’s sexuality is rooted in how she feels, not just how others see her, and it’s GlobLove’s understanding of that fact that sets them apart from the rest.


In their own words, “the GlobLove collection whispers to the woman who embraces her femininity without foregoing her spirit and individuality. Sensual but never overtly provocative, she is playful, open hearted and ever exploring.”

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